Continuum Broken

How the Croatian 6 may have broken a 220-year conspiracy.



“a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, but the extremes are quite distinct”

Draw a line in your minds upon which fractal divisions divide it, imagine it to represent temperature readings from -30 to +30. Each change in temperature represented by these increments would hardly be noticeable to you in everyday life, but to walk in from a -30 snowstorm and directly into a +30-degree room would be instantly alarming to your bodies.

These incremental changes are known as a continuum, hardly noticeable yet diverse at each end of the scale’s spectrum.

The recent revelations regarding the case of the Croatian 6, who have been part of the Croatian continuum story of the past 220 years, have abruptly landed a blow to that continuum, a continuum that outside observers have slowly absorbed as a truth. Yet its not the first time and hopefully it won’t be the last.

Whether it was the case of Josip Tokic, shot in the neck outside the then Yugoslav embassy in Sydney in November 1988, which thankfully saw its closure, and forced the then Labour led Australian Government of the day to come to terms with its role over the preceding 15 odd years in accepting the continuum and reinforcing it, or what soon may transpire at Jasenovac and revelations it may offer up, we all have the ability to disrupt it.

The continuum started in earnest in 1941 when a memorandum written by Serbian Lawyer Stevan Moljevic titled “homogenous Serbia” set out a plan for the creation and expansion of a “Greater Serbia” which became the architecture behind the Chetnik “Modus Operandi” being the ethnic cleansing of the non-Serb populations in any so-called Balkan territories where Serb’s had settled.

Yet this was only a fractal in the scale, this ideology spanned back even further to pre-WW1 and the concepts of Serbian geographer Jovan Cvijic, and prior to him to 19th century Serbian linguist Vuk Karadzic who wrote such memorable tales such as (1829) “The Serbian revolution” and “Serb’s all and everywhere”

The list of extremist Serbian nationalists who contributed to the greater Serbian psyche is almost endless but can be traced back to the end of the 1700’s, start of the 1800’s and Serbian Dositej Obradovic who dreamed of Pan-Serbism, the adoption of the concept of a “Slavoserbian people” which represented the inhabitants of Serbia, or Servia as it was then known, Montenegro, and Croatia (divided into the bite sized pieces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dalmatia, Banat and Backa)

Throughout the coined Balkan wars of 1912-1913, the proceeding atrocities committed by the Black Hand headed by Dragutin Dimitrijevic Apis and the eventual creation of Yugoslavia V1.1 under the dictatorial monarchy of the Karadordevic clan, through to WW2 and the Chetnik movement, the Serbian controlled Partisan movement, Communist Yugoslavia of 1945-1990 and then the eventual re-emergence of the Chetnik ideology from the shadows it previously operated under during the Croatian war of independence, the continuum continued, degree by degree, increment by increment with one ultimate objective.

That continuum and its increments, although the actors, their roles and their ideologies may have seemed contradictory at times, all embodied the same intent and objectives.

In this country, the Croatian six, the Whitlam government saga, the Tokic shooting, the infiltration of our organisations, in the past, or the perpetual inclusion of the Chetnik’s in ANZAC day remembrance ceremonies are all increments in this continuum let alone all else that has occurred around the world or continues to.

The issue falls directly into our court like a dead ball fired at us from across the court hitting squarely at the top of the net and dropping to the ground, we just don’t have the will any longer to lunge at it so as to save the game, set or match. This is a fighting spirit we seemingly lost in the last 25 years.

Many will read this piece, acknowledge it and do nothing thereafter, others will draw their tall poppy knives and proceed to cut it down for its daring to challenge, others will click on and eventually land on a page to book their next holiday to sunny Zadar or the like on the Croatian coast, or as I call it, Croatia’s version of a Hollywood lot, glamorous and exciting while hiding a desert that the rest of the country has become.  

Then again, some will silently go about things, scrape together pennies so as to pay to have ASIO and Government files like the recently released Croatian 6 documents made public.

As of 12:00 noon today AEST as I write this, it seems that those pennies paid Bitcoin dividends as today, the 30th of August in the year of the Lord 2022, NSW Supreme Court Chief Justice, J. Wright issued a 37 page ruling for an inquiry to be instigated into the convictions against Maksimilian Bebic, Mile Nekic, Vjekoslav Brajkovic, Anton Zvirotic, Ilija Kokotovic and Joseph Kokotovic.

On page 36 of the order, under section 84 point (4), he noted the following

“ (4) the doubts and questions which arise in this matter based on all the material provided suggest a significant miscarriage of justice may have occurred, even if there were no errors on the part of the trial judge or the Court of Criminal Appeal and, thus, the usual safeguards inherent in the trial and appeal processes may not have been sufficient to prevent, investigate and remedy any such miscarriage in this case”

The potential compensation for a miscarriage of Justice against these men is paramount, they saw the best days of their lives struck short behind bars and subsequently their suffering upon release and ongoing agony is incomprehensible to us, but this is all part of the Continuum plan. We as Croats in this country to a far lesser, but not as insignificant degree, have also weathered the storm of misinformation and treachery as citizens with a Croat heritage, while another group have prospered and attained unqualified recognition based on lies and manipulation.

The Continuum constantly changes, ever so slightly, in its tact and attack today we see a Croatian parliament drunk on misinformation and lies, unable to act or react because of this paradigm across time and generations, the new approach is to now take a feather from their Russian comrades hats and slowly start with new passages of conjecture such as proclaiming Croats as never having been anything other than separatist Catholic Serb’s, and claiming our royals and nobles as theirs so as to decay our culture and heritage.

These are the lies within the Continuum they employ and will continue to employee, each a degree in difference, but incestuous in intent.

If you wish to disrupt the continuum, if you want to find out what lays under the Croatian version of the Grassy Knoll which is Jasenovac, disrupt Serb influence regarding religious rights and identity by helping sponsor and arrange 80 billboards across Croatia at the time of the National census as was most recently accomplished, or a multitude of other initiatives that could break the temperature gauge once and for all, lunge for the ball, or, at least get up and vote in the next elections as a Croatian Diasporan.

Maybe you will become the Croatian Disruptor our foe actually fears. 

I leave you with a sentence from Ronald Reagan which was part of his last ever public address before the announcement that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s on the 17th of August 1992, almost 30 years to the day.

“We were meant to be the masters of our destiny, not victims of fate, who will not trade their tomorrow for their yesterday”

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