Game, Set, Match ? It’s time to call out the Australian Tennis Open.

There is currently a prevailing hypocrisy in Australia—a reluctance to address the evident issue that some suspect, yet countless others see and choose to ignore. This hypocrisy has been cultivated by poor judgment in the past, resulting in an attitude reminiscent of “Don’t mention the war.”

Celebrity status is highly esteemed, to the extent that the corporate earnings of an event take precedence over the concerns of a minority that may or may not show interest or take offense at certain performers’ antics.

The response to perceived offense varies depending on the strength of the lobby addressing the issue. In the case of Croats, Bosnians, and Albanians, a unified voice, an effective political lobby, or a representative body have all faded away over the past 30 years, relegating us to secondary citizenship in Australia. We have been supplanted by minority groups that often lack any cultural foundation, make no significant contribution to the country in terms of societal development, or take a back seat to groups capitalizing on the struggles and losses of other communities, such as the Holocaust.

Many of these minority groups, in reality, sustain themselves through falsehoods or construct ideologies. The following text, reproduced here along with supporting links and images, was part of a letter sent to Tennis Australia CEO Mr. Craig Tiley, on Friday, January 19th, 2024, and is now being distributed to all media outlets as advised. I request that you share the link to this page to emphasize the concerns discussed.

“The Letter”

Mr Craig Tiley                                                                                                            Friday, 19th of January 2024

Chief Executive Officer

Tennis Australia

Olympic Boulevard, Melbourne Park,

Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Dear Mr Tiley,

Amidst the furore surrounding the display of flags at the 2024 Australian Open, a call has arisen to ban a spectator from the event over a gesture made during Novak Djokovic’s match against Croatian Dino Prizmic. However, it seems that some gestures, particularly repetitive ones from Djokovic, go unchallenged. One such gesture is his use of the three-finger Serbian salute, directly associated with the criminal behaviour of the Serbian Chetnik paramilitary forces who wreaked havoc during numerous conflicts, especially across Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina in the 1990s.

To put this gesture into perspective, the three-finger salute, displayed similarly to Winston Churchill’s two-finger victory salute during WW2, was employed by these criminal forces in celebration for the world media and to their terrorized victims to reinforce their intent: kill a third, cleanse a third, and convert a third. Many victims were maimed by having their small and ring fingers cut off, forcing them to permanently display this Serbian philosophy.

The majority of these instances involved Muslim hostages of the Serbs during the wars of the 1990s. They were compelled to make the Christian Orthodox sign of the cross in mock prayer, as Serbian Orthodoxy dictates the use of the three fingers rather than the entire hand, as in Roman Catholic practice. Hostages, mainly women who were also repeatedly raped while being held unwillingly, were forced into these situations and outcomes.

But this also is a fallacy simply because in Serbian Orthodoxy the 3 fingers are brought together to a point when making the sign of the cross and represent the Holy Trinity, the example used by Dokovic and the other mentioned practitioners is explained away today by its users as being associated with Serbian religious practice but in reality it actually relates to a totally different purpose as discussed in this letter.

Serbian Orthodoxy sign of the cross used in religious ceremony.

The Australian Open, as is the case with Australian society, has banned any use of a raised arm which has connotations leaning toward fascism, to the victims of Serbian aggression, this Serbian practice which has brought equal measure of terror to many victims cannot be tolerated either in the same respect.

The concerns raised in this letter can be verified as being far from allegations by the testimony of a Muslim Bosnian woman known as witness “RM-70,” who appeared and testified at the hearings in the Hague war crimes tribunal in 2001 against war criminal Ratko Mladic’s senior officers Dragoljub Kunarac, Radomir Kovac, and Zoran Vukovic. They had carried out not only this practice at various locations across Foca in Bosnia Herzegovina in 1992 but also fulfilled the other two remaining doctrines of ethnically cleansing by murdering the male population in places such as Srebrenica and further ethnically cleaning some 200,000 Bosnians out of the region through forced deportation.

1990’s Serbian supporters of convicted war criminals Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic.

This information can be verified through transcripts relating to TRI issue 808 at the following link

The practice was not only utilized during the 1990s wars but hailed from the use of such terrorism by the modern Chetnik forefathers during WW2 and even earlier during the tyrannical rule of the Serbian monarchy post-WW1 in the first iteration of Yugoslavia. This gesture and its associated practice have left deep long-term generational scars on its victims, both emotional and physical.

As you will note from the following images, the gesture cannot be confused. On the left are parliamentary Serbian troops from the 1990s wars displaying the gesture, while on the right is Mr. Djokovic making the same gesture at a previous AO tournament. He has consistently displayed the same globally at numerous events, as can be easily verified from media sources. The Australian open has already been well forewarned by the international media to date, I draw you attention to the following media article links.

For this reason, I am writing to you. Australia is home to approximately 140,000 Croats, not to mention Bosnians and Albanians who have equally suffered due to Serbian aggression over the past century. In total, the combined communities number around 191,000. The vast majority have, in one way or another, experienced the effects of Serbian aggression, either indirectly or directly. It must be stressed that the Serbian Australian community as a whole should not be implicated as having been complicit in the aggressions against these communities. Rather, elements such as the Chetnik extremists, who continue to operate within their ancestral nation and, in some cases, in Australia, are responsible.

In Australia, these Chetnik groups have been present at Novak’s games in previous years, raising their military insignia in the form of a flag, (note there are two types, one with skull and cross bones, the other with the Serbian Monarchies Insignia both of which appear on black flags) purportedly as Serbian national insignia, wearing Chetnik headwear, and demonstrating the three fingered hand gesture, Novak has also openly engaged with them and subsequently taken the opportunity to be photographed with them.

The photos taken from Australian media sources who have previously noted these occurrences, not only verify this but also collaborate the facts already presented of such being utilised by their counterparts from the 1990s displaying the same military insignia and headgear during atrocities committed during that period. These Chetnik groups in Australia have also been noted to have associations with the outlawed Greek Ultra Nationalist group known as ‘Golden Dawn.’ In Greece, this group and its political arm have been outlawed for their neo-Nazi views, and its leaders are currently serving jail terms for crimes ranging from murder to assault. The Sydney arm of the Chetnik movement hierarchy has been observed in association with their Golden Dawn counterparts. The last photo on this page is from their social media site where they openly declare Coalition with Golden Dawn but also with known Putin propagandist Simeon Boikov who identifies as “Aussie Cossack”. Boikov is seen the photo 10th from left and is currently in hiding at the Russian consulate in Sydney.

While I, and I am certain as are the members of each of the communities mentioned, wish Tennis Australia the best with this long-standing event now and in the future, the Australian Open must not tolerate a single group attempting to hijack the event for its own promotion. Nor should it allow a member of its playing association to normalize either unpalatable insignia or gestures due to their individual notoriety. Unfortunately, in the case of the Australian Open, this is happening and is alarming.

I would draw you attention to the following link:

Institute for the Research of Genocide Canada – HOLOCAUST : (

Published by the Institute for the research of Genocide, it along with Jewish holocaust site Yad Vashem itself both clearly identify the Chetnik movement as being a collaborative puppet army of the German Nazi’s and it’s Italian allies during WW2 fulfilling their commands.

This genocidal trait was resurrected as previously mentioned during the 1990’s against the same ethnic groups that formed the former Yugoslavia when it disintegrated.

This letter is an open letter that will also be provided to the Australian media, distributed across Croatian, Bosnian, and Albanian printed media outlets, and shared across the social media networks of each group. I urge you not to wait for a potential backlash of public opinion. It will be made public 24 hours after its initial email dispatch to Tennis Australia for public distribution.

Pending the reaction from members of these communities, potential individuals who are now Australian citizens but may have been refugees at some stage as a result of the 1990s conflicts, and who can testify to having been directly affected by the Chetniks, their symbology, or traditional gestures as used by Novak or his supporters, will be encouraged to make complaints to the Australian Human Rights Commission pursuant to their rights under the 1986 legislation.

I request that Tennis Australia confirm the information contained within this letter and take appropriate steps to make public advise given to both Mr. Djokovic, and his supporters that the display of any of the above-mentioned items, or use of any controversial gestures brings the game into disrepute. I respectfully await your response in consideration of this letter.

In appreciation,

John Ovcaric


Executive Council of Australian Croatian Associations.


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  1. add that players in FNSW competitions (ie Marko Jesic and Zoran Petkovic) have been suspended / banned from playing after they were caught doing the salute during games.

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