“Some people did something”

Why both the United States and Croatia face the same threats from the Political Left

There is no longer Eastern nor Western Politics, Democracy as we know it is officially dead, and what exists now is ideological warfare between an extremist group of sheep led by nuovo capitalistic leftists only concerned with their own being and the fading flame of Nationalists attempting to preserve a Democracy painted as hatred and fascism no matter what it says or does.

In April this year, United States Rep. Ilhan Omar (D–Minn.) described the 9/11 terrorist attacks as an incident in which “some people did something“, in an attempt to marginalise the event and the U.S. Publics remberence of it while in the same breath attacking the United States as a country that had progressively marginalised the rights of minority cultural groups in that country.

It all sounds remarkably similar to what has been occurring for years in Croatia since the end of the Homeland War in 1995, the only difference being that minority representation in the Croatian Parliament is actually representative of minorities, while in the United States, Representative (Ms) IIhan Omar was elected to Congress as a representative of U.S. citizens as a person of minority background on good faith and intention.

The only difference here is that while Croatia actively adopted a system which treats minorities as adjunct to being Croatian within its own realm, in the United States the Democratic Party is placing such candidates in positions of such power and influence for what seems precisely that reason, to disassemble the foundations of nationalism through minority dissent.

I laugh at people I know, who are as patriotic and nationalistic as I see myself being who attack President Trump. Even though he may be politically incorrect in his delivery verbally or via twitter, he is in fact the embodiment of what we all desire for our homeland, a strong advocate of National Rights and the preservation of those rights without influence, yet he is constantly tarred and feathered as being a fascist monger of hatred.

Point in case. Two weeks ago, after actor Richard Gere demanded that Italy take in 160 migrants from Africa who were on a so called “Charity boat” in the Mediterranean, Italy’s deputy prime minister, Matteo Salvini, said Gere should take the migrants “back to Hollywood on his private plane” since he is so concerned about them.

“Given this generous millionaire is voicing concern for the fate of the Open Arms migrants, we thank him and he can take all the people aboard back to Hollywood, on his private plane, and support them in his villas. Thank you, Richard!” 

These 160 migrants (As the leftist like to call them) were on a Spanish NGO ship run by activists, “Proactiva Open Arms” who rescue “immigrants” on boats in the Mediterranean and take them to Europe.

Excuse me, they are not migrants, they are refugees, and then we should always remember that there are 4 types, those seeking political refugee status, those escaping conflict as either victim or perpetrator, and the opportunistic ones who see it as a way to better their lot which we term “economic refugees” Only the first 2 of these 4 have any real rights to seek refugee status, the rest are undeserving but try telling Angela Dorothea Merkel that.

Imagine if Trump had stated similar to Gere if he had flown them all back on his jet to mainland USA ? “Richard, you take those people right back to where you found them or go buy and island in the Caribbean and you can all live there happily ever after !”

In that scenario Gere would be acting no differently to “Proactiva Open Arms” he nor they have the right to impose demands on a sovereign nation, yet I’m sure Trump would have been dragged through the primordial democrat cesspool of ideological abuse handed out by their sheep in the form of placards of protest and almost drug induced chant.

On the other hand, open your mouth, or tweet as Trump would, a single bad word about Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović  and in the majority of instances you will be attacked for voicing negative opinion about her, in many instances labelled an Ustasa. You now know why I enjoy criticising her !

In recent days however, KGK, our pinup President seems to have come undone somewhat with the revelation that she and Druze Aleksandar Vučić made a pact some time ago which our lovely KGK has stayed true to while the counter promise of Druze Aleksandar Vučić doesn’t seem to have been fulfilled as yet.

Basically, KGK agreed to tone down the use of the term “Great Serbian Aggression” in reference to their genocidal war against us in the 1990’s on the agreement he would do “something” with regard to information concerning Croatian citizens who are still MIA 24 years after the conclusion of the Homeland War.

KGK went further than just toning it down, it was wiped as a phrase from the Red Chip residing in her head not to be mentioned again.

That deletion from ones vocabulary of the term “Great Serbian Aggression” is the Croatian version of “Some People Did Something” it is not a case of reducing the political tensions between two former combatant countries, it is the marginalisation of a fact and in turn is but a further belittling of what a people and its defenders fought and died for.

What would be the reaction of us all if KGK stated “Some People Did Something” in relation to the tragedy of Vukovar? Ask Damir Plavcic or Damir Markus about what they face on a daily basis regarding their efforts to bring that story to our young and keep the memory of it alive, they will confirm that not dissimilar comments and gestures are made on a day to day basis.

People would call for Trump’s impeachment if he had made the remark Representative (Ms) IIhan Omar made in April, yet she remains and spreads her hate speeches, the question I have is when will we start impeaching not only a KGK but the minion leftists sitting in our chamber of power for the same intent and similar remarks?

Have a great weekend.