A thick fog has befallen Zagreb!


A thick fog has befallen Zagreb!

This editorial is presented on behalf of Glas Hrvatske Diaspore and Croatian Traditions in Australia to all members as a joint broadcast.

This will be deemed #Racist, #Politically Incorrect, #Right Winged, #NDH Era Tripe, #Treasoness and of course #White Supremacist, and I welcome all these tags because in my opinion enough is enough.

The classic NDH era song, “Spustilase gusta magla” embodied the awakening of a sleeping giant which for centuries lay besieged and in cultural slumber due to the ambitions and genocidal exploits of the known world nations of Europe and their colonial ambitions. And when an argument, and I mean argument, broke out on a sister social media page as to the composition of the Multicultural French World Cup team and comparing it to the Croatian world cup team with regard to actual national representation due to the overwhelming number of African players in its squad, the words narrow minded, racist and shameful all found their way into responses.

There is nothing racist as to what was being discussed, the fact of the matter is that the French team is made up of non-born internationals, and for a nation of some 66 million, this means that there was another world cup starting 11 made up of predominantly French born players which never stepped foot on Russian soil that could have competed effectively on the world stage as reported by ABC’s Steven Wilson on the 6st of June 2018 under the title “Best XI of players surplus to requirements at the 2018 World Cup in Russia”

I guess you could therefore say that if you are an aspiring French footballer, you have a 1:16.5 Million chance of making the world cup squad in 2022, while if you are a Croatian you have a 1: 363,363 chance.

And while many will counter this statement, even though no one has thought of it yet with, But Australia’s squad is made up of ethnics ! you would be correct and wrong in the same breath as yes no traditional owners are in the squad but by the same token Australia is made up of 142 ethnic minorities that have created the Australian not indigenous population that it is today and most of the players of today and past were born here and learnt their craft here.

France on the other hand even though moving toward multi ethnicity at a quantum speed cannot lay claim to the same circumstances, yet again they can, as it is of their own colonial doing over the past 300 odd years.

In a previous editorial entitled “When the war is over” I predicted and wrote the following with regard to what may happen post the final whistle of the world cup

“All this I write is to remind you all that there are realities faced regardless of our success that cannot be disregarded, and that I fear, and predict will happen, that any nationalistic thoughts, feelings and actions during the campaign, will be used by our detractors as soon as the opportunity arises to ensure this goes no further and the people are pigeonholed once again”

May I say, it has started with Krešo Beljak a point in case!

The comment made regarding Thompson is the start of a volley I predict over the coming days, I’m sure the likes of player #13 one Milorad Pupovac is already warming up on the side lines and anticipating coming onto the playing field at some point shortly with his own sewer inspired verbal barrage, of course as with any red blooded chetnik, he will wait until the first line of attack makes their move before he comfortably inserts himself into the argument.

This is an utter disgrace, here we have the Croatian World Cup squad inviting one of their inspirationalists to join them on the bus and this HSS politician who uses the opportunity to state  ”Nabijem i njega i sve fašiste” “Mora mi smeće fašističko dan pokvarit.. ali neće, nabijem i njega i sve fašiste!!! Ignore!! Danas samo Hrvatska” “I screw him and all fascists” “The Fascist garbage has to ruin my day” … “But he won’t” “I screw him and all fascists” !!! Ignore !! “Today its only Croatia”

This is a hate speech, this is an example of the continuing cycle of political incorrectness under the guise that it is politically correct, where one side for all its conceited hatred paints the other as fascist because it is nationalist and draws a connection with the manipulated and fabricated past they have created for us and attempt to kill off any such aspirations. What Beljak has done here is in fact the association our team with that unfounded and fabricated belief he and many other elected officials use to maintain a control and order that their Yugoslav communist era fathers and mentors struggle to maintain.

As a member of the contemporary HSS, he has indeed emulated the deserved title of a half whit seljak ! He is a disgrace to his parties historical leaders who would be turning in their graves if they could read his tweets. More towards the end of this editorial on this seljak, we haven’t finished with him yet. Another heated discussion arose regarding our President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović and her consolation of Luka Modrić after the loss to France in a photo that was posted, she was glorified as the President of Presidents, the President of Europe, the person who put Croatia into world focus and admiration by said world, and I responded to these claims and photo with the following  And if only she would do the same with the 4 million odd back home, and the other 4 million in the Diaspora !

Wake up people, there’s nothing comforting in this picture, just hypocrisy!” This brought on a tirade of commentary, interestingly the comment however scored the highest number of likes by the lesser verbal in our group and as I concluded in my responses, here is a President that in 3 years has failed to intervene in Croatian politics by executing her Presidential rights under the constitution. Some dozen privileges which include the cessation of the Governing party, intervention in legislative decisions, the recall of parliament and the ability to introduce legislation into the parliament have never been used. While our veterans suffer indignity and the denial of their fiscal and moral rights through law, the preservation and recognition of their service and the associated insignia and slogans they thought under.

While other senior ex-military personnel are threatened with Hague like tribunals.

While the country languishes in economic disaster and the people are faced with unemployment, uncertainty, and the mass exodus of their children into foreign lands.

While the country faces the equivalent of Rape under its EU membership through the dismantling of its industry and livelihood only to become economic addicts to EU funding.

While this President continues to deny the 1945 holocaust suffered by our forefathers at the hands of the communists and chetniks, she panders to the Jewish holocaust establishment and indeed substantiates fabricated misdeeds while all the while promising a Jewish holocaust memorial in Zagreb as recompense.

And then has the gall to advise the Diaspora that we need re-education because we are wrong, and her communist era education is on the money. She as the other politicians who have in recent weeks donned the sacred white and red chequred jerseys are only manipulating the opportunity as a public promotion for there own good, nothing more and nothing less.

As I said, a great president is remembered for the change and benefit they bestow upon their people and nation during their term in office, figure heads are consigned to the annuals of time, if this is the best and only thing she has managed in 3 years, it’s not worthy period. As for our other polies, I commented with the following previously “Much silence has been noticed from the usual detractors within positions of governance in Croatia, the usual bravado of a Pupovac for instance, who continuously finds some angle to attack any similarity between current affairs and his farcical fictious history of Croats and the nation, has gone silent.

The black shirts a case in point, I can only imagine his frustration at not being able to allow himself off his leash and can envisage him foaming at the mouth each time he fires up a HRT program. However there is much good reason for this and also the comical procession of HDZ government officials who only a few days ago, after our demolition of England in the semifinals, entered parliament with playing strips pulled over business shirts and ties. It scares the F*ck out of them! The Vatreni at this very moment are untouchable, the use of Za Dom, the implications of the Black playing strips, the singing of controversial Thompson nationalistic songs and any other utterance or gesture by them that may be condemned by a Pupovac or other would see them burn from the heat this squad is generating.

By the same token, at a time when politicians in the Republic, were being scrutinized on a daily basis prior to the campaign, they have little option than to grin and bear and jump on the wagon even though I feel that they too are feeling discomfort with much of what they are witnessing. For either group, this rise of nationalism is a concern, to what extent will a win in the world cup motivate the masses to question if there is more to their existence than what they are presented with may not yet be realized.

And I have reason to speculate this as all that I have mentioned here has not gone un-noticed by our loved ones back home, indeed even though we in “The free world” have been associating much like the black shirts with a bygone era, “So have they!”

Accordingly it started with Krešo “Belgrade” Beljak’s comments upon the Vatreni’s return to Zagreb yesterday.

As I posted on Sunday night / Monday morning, I was at Sunshine along with some 2,000 plus supporters to cheer on the Vatreni, a song that was sung during the night pre-match in rhythm with Major Minor was Thompsons “Geni Kameni”

I put it to every person that was there, or at another venue and who sang that song to take great offense to Krešo “Belgrade” Beljak’s tweet as it was an attack on us all, especially we un-educated Croatian patriots as the President would have us referred to, and in case you didn’t realise what you were singing, I would direct you to the following translation and in particular the last 3 paragraphs.


A firm hand and honesty
Holy water and baptism
Be a man, it’s an honor
Be an image of your people

Don’t give in, don’t give up your own
Don’t be someone else’s, damn it
Because whoever lives life this way
Comes before God proud

Wherever life takes you
You must always know who you are, hey

Genes, genes of stone
Fire burns inside of me
Genes, genes of stone
This is the way we’re born
Genes, genes of stone
Fire burns inside of me
Genes, genes of stone
This is the way we’re born
Take it or leave it

’45 was a bad year
Scattered us around the world
And now new bloodlines grow
The swallows have return home

Blue of blood, white of face
New children are born
On stone as on silk
Where we have always been

Wherever life takes you
You must always know who you are, hey

“Blue of Blood, white of Face” these words can be deemed #Racist, #Politically Incorrect, #Right Winged, #NDH Era Tripe,  #Treasoness and of course #White Supremacist, yet its true context is nationalistic as was the intent of our Vatreni when they sang it.

If you sang these words you are guilty by association, you are one of the deplorables our government would have you believe you are, you are in Krešo “Belgrade” Beljak’s eyes “Screwable and Fascist garbage”

“Spustila se Gusta Magla iznad Zagreba” “A thick fog has befallen Zagreb !” another nationalistic song that is forbidden in todays Croatia, another nationalistic song that embodies our cultural rights, aspirations and struggles, and right now it is again forming not only over the capital as we witnessed yesterday but across the country.

I previously wrote

“Minutes after the final whistle against England, I was on the phone to my nephew, standing on his balcony he asked if I could hear the gun fire to which I exclaimed yes I could, it was the masses who had gone onto the streets of the small Slavonian town who were letting off rounds. I asked one simple question before we started exchanging opinion on how the game played out which was, “Are people waking up ?” the answer, “Yes, and I know what you mean” was the response.

“The Vatreni have shown us we are more than what we think, they have shown us we can achieve anything, and people are no longer scared”

The word “Legija” emerged when we discussed the incredible run of wins playing in the black strips, the connotations have not been overlooked by anyone there, and the attacks by Vucic regarding Cavoglave have only intensified the resolve of our people in asking “Who and what do you think you are questioning our moment in the sun” It is this question that will only grow in strength should we win the cup come Monday morning and something our politicians will struggle with should it occur”

During the front and center celebrations in Zagreb before a Trg Ban Jelacic sea of humanity, our Vatreni and Thompson took the stage and Modrić, Vida and Lovren stepped up to the microphone to each start singing a separate Thompson melody, each was cut short by HRT, and at one stage you could see the bewilderment on their faces as they stepped down.

Let’s not politicise this, words I have read, and words I have heard, yet like it or not, it’s a two way street. The video attached to this editorial shows Zlatko Dalić delivering his speech to the adorning crowd, what many don’t realise is that HRT only showed his address up to the point that he thanked the Croatian people and that they played for them in Russia. HRT then cut the broadcast where he also advised that they played for the Croatians in Bosnia Herzegovina, (NOT HERCEG BOSNA), The Croatian Diaspora which you will also note received the highest level of applause, and for our Homeland War Veterans. Luckily the raw footage made it to YouTube.

This is politics at play again !


The picture below shows the extent of the crowd, obviously the trams were running late again, and people were standard in the Trg and just happened to be there when the team turned up, but this picture as much as it is pleasing and a far cry from the type of looting riot police inserted celebrations in Paris, is to the Government just as concerning.

If a future crisis was to arise within the Government, or as a result of its policies, what the hell would they do if this bunch turned up to protest against them, this is what is known as free speech, free will, nationalism and something the French well know because it leads to revolution. This is the thick fog that has befallen Zagreb !

A thick fog could befall Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and the remining Australian capitals ! if you are not one of those that will just read this, like it and then pack away your Team Jerseys to wait in mothballs until the 2022 world cup.

We can send a clear message to Zagreb, one from the Diasporan Deplorables, if you have the (Pardon the expression) “Balls” that your parents had, therefore on behalf or Glas Hrvatske Diaspore, and Croatian Traditions in Australia, we propose that you respond to this editorial in support of organising protests outside of your cities Croatian Consulate where a clear message will be sent to our Government and Krešo “Belgrade” Beljak regarding our disgust, and in support of our Vatreni, Thompson and every patriotic Croatian citizen.

Dependent on the response level, it is envisaged that such protests will be timed for a Sunday at 2:30pm and advertised accordingly.

These protests will be filmed in HD, and the footage sent to Bujica.

Its time !

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