“LGBTEU” Vs’ “Croatian Sovereignty”

When I sit back and take in the ratification of the Istanbul Conference in Croatia, the protest, the general ground swell of those for and those against, and in particular our views on it in the Diaspora, I feel like just throwing both hands in the air and shouting, “What the F*ck are we wasting our time for?”

Some months ago, I had a controversial conversation with a few people in private that ended up rattling some cages, but I feel I was absolutely justified in what I stated when I compared the EU to the ultimate goal of the Third Reich, and this isn’t going to be pretty if you continue reading.

I am going to say this up front, no ifs or butts (Pardon the pun) I have friends and business associates in the LGBT community, I respect their rights to exist and love as they wish on the proviso that those rights do not impede, or diminish my rights, to worship and live as I morally see fit, and am directed to as per religious beliefs.

While the Jewish Orthodox community are of the belief that gay sex and marriage are inconsistent with Jewish tradition, as per the objection which is rooted in two verses in Leviticus, that expressly prohibit a man from lying with another man “as one lies with a woman,” (as it is an act described as an “abomination” that is punishable by death) they cannot escape the fact that within the concentration camps they shared with all sort of political and moral prisoners other than Jew’s, Gay men and women were also to be found among them and they are celebrated equally as casualties of the Third Reich’s final solution.

If the state of Israel were part of the EU, as they are part of the Eurovision Song Contest, (and don’t brush that idea off as being stupid as Israel see’s its place more so aligned to the West and not the Middle East) I fervently believe that the Istanbul Conference would never have progressed as it wouldn’t be either in the best interests of Israel or in alignment with its strong religious belief base.

Numerous statistical studies, particularly in the United States, today point to Orthodox Jews assimilating towards the Christian Right, and while each in its own right remain politically affluent (Yes that is the word I meant to use) within each state, the balance between leftist extremism (That consequently looks more like fascism with each passing day) is kept in check, the Nationalist Right are actually moderate these days in comparison.

All these observations can be summed up by the following, and we need to look at what the EU was and what it has become since 1957 to understand my line of thinking on this matter.

When established in the beginning, as the “European Coal and Steel Community” in 1957, the goal of the European federalists was clear “Establish close economic bonds that would negate any future wars in Europe period”

It was directly in response to the two world wars of the previous half century that had in the main arisen from economic domination and manipulation by the few upon the many.

Due to the state of Europe after the Second World War, and the ever increasing military power of the newly formed eastern Bloc countries of the Soviet influence, three years after the Treaty of Rome in 1957, European western aligned nations established the European Economic Area in response.

As was the case in Ireland, once the revolutionaries became governors, fighting your near neighbours with tariffs was far more effective than committing vast resources to fighting them in open conflict.

And so as to not perpetuate a Third World war, they only needed to look towards Germany post World War 1 where the desire to attain, total self-sufficiency, for the nation was resource-poor, the prospect of trade wars and the fear of economic starvation played a major role in driving the wars that obliterated the continent and its people over the 31 years between 1914 and 1945.

What the EU has become however is far more than what the original mandate was for it, much like Dr Frankenstein, whose sole purpose was to reignite life; the EU has turned into an uncontrollable and all-consuming monster of epic proportions.

By the 1st of December 2009, what is known as the Lisbon treaty came into play after some 5 years of deliberation, attempted amendments and changing positions on the creation of a European Constitution, the monster had broken the chains that bound it to the mortuary table it had been conceived on, and today as a result, the continent now has some 750 parliamentarians and 28 commissioners and armies of bureaucrats looking for things to regulate in order to have that.

Here is the issue that caused some heated discussion between myself and some others, what the EU is today is a new totalitarian force and if we compared it to the Third Reich of WW2 it fundamentally, in a similar way, has relinquished states of their sovereignty, rights for self-determination, ability to translate popular belief into democratically ratified legislation through polling, and forces the member nations to follow a line of policy dictated to them by third parties and the distribution of EU funding as an almost blackmailing tool.

!939 to1945, only 7 odd years in the scheme of things, saw an amalgamation of European countries, either under duress, or self-determination, come together to become what was known as the AXIS.

In just under 70 years, the same has taken place under the EU model, the only difference is that there isn’t open warfare going on, rather a clandestine war of economics, social and nationalistic degradation is taking place in its absence. This is a death that will be slow stripping away the social fabric of all those member states within its boundaries.

What the Istanbul Convention is all about is not LGBT gender rights, it is only a new volley from the Brussels howitzer in this clandestine war, and each round fired tests the resolve, and diminishes the effectiveness of the cultural defensive walls of each nation.

Croatians face insurmountable volleys of this type, relative not just only to the Istanbul convention, but on an abundance of other cross border issues and as many internal nationalistic issues. It is for this reason that I look on in disbelief when I see 50,000 protesters in Zagreb marching in mass against an LGBTEU issues when they face greater issues internally that effect their standard of living and longevity as a sovereign state on a minute by minute basis.

When will we see a “Storming of the Bastille” on the greater number of issues that affect todays Croatian citizens? When will we see the “Triumph of the will of the people” take full flight and rid the country of sofa sitting bureaucrats hell bent on arguing insignificance in the form of three lettered or worded phrases designed to trick the observer like some vaudeville con artists who tells you to “Watch the right hand” while the left picks your pocket?

All these tactics are used to resurrect some sort of shame, as every matter of discussion is eventually painted and tainted as being Fascist in intention when challenged.

If you truly feel that the people, for the people, should decide if a piece of legislation like the Istanbul Convention should be adopted by a nation, then you must first adopt a Government that is elected by the people for the people, not one that is installed and controlled by a third party for the people against the people.

Let’s see 250,000 march next weekend in Zagreb for their rights and not in response, be it in the affirmative or otherwise, for the rights of a minority.

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